Benefits of Massage - Sample Text



Message for “Relaxation/Health” audience:


Massage feels great AND improves you health! 


Everyone knows that we all deserve a pleasurable break from the daily stressors that can wear us out, but did you also know that massage therapy has enormous proven health benefits?  Massage truly feeds your body, mind and spirit.  Massage alleviates chronic musculoskeletal pain as well as acute spasms, tightness or soreness.  Massage improves circulation and lymphatic flow, bringing nutrients and removing toxins from all tissues of the body; thus massage is great for your skin, your digestion, and it boosts you immune system!  Massage triggers a deep relaxation response in the brain, activating the parts of the nervous system that lower blood pressure and promote healthy sleep.  Regular massage has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression and improve concentration.  Massage helps with countless medical conditions: back pain, migraines, pre- and post-natal care, fybromyalgia, arthritis, realignment of scar tissue, tolerance of cancer treatment, etc., etc., etc.   


Science continues to demonstrate that so many of the serious health conditions we face as we age are directly caused by the cumulative effects of stress on the body; massage can be the secret ingredient in your self-care recipe, a powerful catalyst for the emotional and physical vitality you need to pursue your life’s goals.  When you get a massage you are doing a lot more than just relaxing; you’re making a rich investment in your own healthy future.  Whether you’re seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, pain reduction or relief from a particular ailment, you will undoubtably enjoy the many additional health benefits that massage provides.  Do something nice - and healthy! - for yourself; schedule a massage today.       


Message for “Clinical” audience (PT’s chiropractors, etc.):


Add massage therapy to your routine and speed your recovery!


Pain and physical limitation aren’t fun.  When recovering from an injury or struggling with chronic pain, most of us work hard to get back on track as quickly as possible.  Massage therapy is a powerful co-treatment that can enhance the benefits received from other professionals (such as a chiropractor or physical therapist) to help you heal faster and more fully. 


Pain or limited range of motion are often caused by a multitude of factors and in turn trigger a host of other responses in the body.  Spinal misalignment, scar tissue, over-worked muscles, repetitive stress patterns, poor body mechanics, poor sleep, chemical toxicity, anxiety, etc. all work together to aggravate our tissues and inhibit our body’s innate ability to heal.  Although we often wish it was simpler, unfortunately, to fully heal from certain injuries, we may need to reduce inflammation and chemical irritation of tissues, re-align scar tissue and joints, strengthen weak muscle groups and encourage over-used muscle groups to relax, re-learn habitual movement patterns that aggravate injuries, AND decrease our general daily stress level.  Massage plays an important role with all of these processes.     


Massage truly feeds your body and mind.  By increasing circulation (bringing nutrients and removing toxins from body tissues) massage will speed healing on a cellular level, reducing inflammation and build-up of irritating chemicals, both of which cause pain.  Massage’s ability to realign muscle fibers and restore elasticity to connective tissue will improve range of motion and the chronic movement patterns that can perpetuate injuries.  Soft tissue manipulation will allow chiropractic adjustments to “stick” and release bound-up tissue and pain that may be inhibiting the progress of physical therapy routines.  Additionally, many of us are surprised to learn that pain sensations are deeply affected by our quality of mind; our pain levels are directly aggravated by mental stressors.  Learning to relax our whole nervous system as well as particular areas of our body can have huge impacts on our symptoms and our ability to heal.  Specific massage techniques can encourage over-worked muscles to let go so that the appropriate under-used muscle groups can be recruited.  Massage also triggers a deep relaxation response in the brain and this increased relaxation state not only lowers pain levels but also promotes healthy sleep which in turn assists with healing. 


Scientists and health care professionals agree that the health benefits of massage are numerous.  When your system is stressed by injury or illness, massage can be a powerful tool to promote healing and alleviate symptoms.  Help your body help itself - schedule a massage today! 


Other unique audiences to consider:


{C}   Corporate H.R. departments re: chair massage - some old text:  Chair massage is tailored to the individual receiving it, with an intention of promoting relaxation and healing.  Chair massage uses therapeutic and stimulating techniques, leaving the recipient relaxed yet alert and energized, and ready to get back to work J.  Chair massage is provided while the client is fully clothed.  The benefits of massage are numerous, not the least of which is a boost to the immune system (something we all need more of at the tail end of winter!).


{C}   {C}Realtors/Lenders re: presents to give to clients at closing - a unique gift that your client will remember


{C}   {C}Elderly clients - maintain strength, vitality and mobility


{C}   {C}Athletes/pre & post-workout benefits, injury prevention


Luxury/pamper yourself angle